Edublogs Challenge – Nature

Posted: November 22, 2015 in Edublogs Challenge, Journalism

Mr. Davis’ Note: CCJH J2 students are again participating in the Edublogs Challenge. The Week 7 activity was about nature. This post contains a sampling from students in the class.

By Jake A.

     The thing I love about nature the most would have to be the scenery. While mother nature can often be destructive it also provides us with beautiful and calming arrays of scenery. From Siberia to Brazil these magnificent creations can be found all across the world and are stunning in their own ways. These scenes can be utterly breathtaking and unbelievable in person which makes them all the more beautiful. There are many sights to see around the world and all are unique from where they are located and say something about the place there in.
     Stretching across North America there are things like great plains, Niagara Falls, the Rocky Mountains, the Grand Canyon and more. All of these places are unique in their own beauty. To the south you have things like the stunning beaches of Mexico and the extensive Amazon. Over about one continrny you come to Africa with beautiful oasis. In Europe you have things like the Danube River, the Mediterranean in Italy, the Alps in Austria and much more.
     There is much more scenery around the world but I love the scenery of nature because it is so beautiful and calming. You can hike and go rock climbing or a number of other things to see some scenery It can range from so many different things and can be a good way to relax. Seeing something as astonishing as nature is fun to me and clears my mind. I’ll always have fun climbing a mountain or going on a beach and watching nature.

By Kaira L.

     I love nature. My most favorite things about nature is the plants, the trees, the different types of rocks, the fossils, the mountains and the planets/stars. I enjoy looking and exploring nature. I think it’s fun to get up and get out to know the world a little better. I think exploring is very fun. It’s a way to keep you entertained if you have nothing to do.
     My mom and my aunt and me use to go hiking on Sunday morning. The view from the top of the mountain is amazing. There is a whole bunch of different types of rocks. The rocks are much bigger than the ones that are on the side of the streets, and I didn’t know that mountains have flower bushes and really tall thick trees. I thought that mountains were just plain with dirt and rocks.
     The ocean is just very beautiful. I like how the ocean looks like at all times, and how many different types of animals live in it. I like just sitting there sometimes looking at the sky. The water is very nice and warm sometimes cold, I think it’s very relaxing. Looking up at the stars and just watching the sky is a nice feeling, you don’t think about anything and just relax and enjoy. I likes stars a lot, but I also really like planets.
     Planets and rocks are one of my top favorite things about nature. Planets are fun to experiment on and learn new things about them that we didn’t know, and the different types of rocks the planets have.

By Jaden E.

     Nature is a very beautiful part of the world that we live on and it should be cherished for it could not always be there. I love that in nature there is always something happening in just about every corner of the outside world, no matter how small.
     To me the greatest part of nature will be the ocean. The ocean is just so massive and unexplored. There’s new species of fish and flora constantly being unraveled to us. The ocean is just so mysterious and when you actually jump onto a boat and see the blue that goes on forever. For me the ocean is not really scary I would say, but more broad and deep. All of the types of fish down there is just simply astounding. When you look at some of strangest fish that are located at the very bottom of the ocean it’s fascinating to see some of the ways fish have evolved to live in such conditions that is present at the bottom of the ocean.
     Other than the ocean though nature has many sights to see. Some of the best places to take pictures of nature, so you have something to look at to remind you of the places you’ve been. Places like the Grand Canyon or Yellowstone National Park. In Yellowstone they have got many tourist attracting locations, such as Old Faithful and the Grizzly bears the forests house. This is what’s so great about nature. You can lose yourself in the vastness of forests, oceans, and deserts.

  1. tasteach says:

    G’day reporters,

    Jake: I totally agree. There are so many magnificent scenes around the world some man made but the best ones are natural – waterfalls, mountains, rivers and lakes. Whenever I travel the scenery is what I remember the most.

    Kaira: If people only looked more closely when walking around – there is so much of nature that is miniature and microscopic – all those little crevices between boulders and rocks even in parks around towns.

    Jaden: So much of what is in the ocean is still unknown especially those at depths where only man made machines can delve. I love watching the nat geo documentaries about oceans and what has recently been found there.

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