Edublogs Challenge – Halloween

Posted: November 11, 2015 in Edublogs Challenge, Journalism

Mr. Davis’ Note: CCJH J2 students are again participating in the Edublogs Challenge. The Week 4 activity was about Halloween and how it is celebrated. This post contains a sampling from students in the class.

By Damian L.

     The best Halloween experience I’ve ever had was when I was in third grade and I went with a big group of friends. I dressed up as Spider-Man, and the others dressed up as different things. Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers, vampires, you name it, someone one in the group was that. We went around our neighborhood, and a few others that were close.
     It was a fun night, that was until we got lost about a mile away from our homes in a maze of streets. We weren’t even supposed to leave a three block radius of our cul-de-sac, so we all called our parents, but there were so many people we couldn’t even see the street signs. After a while we started to backtrack, getting even more disoriented. Finally one of us came up with the idea to ask someone where we were. I saw a house with the lights off and thought they’d probably help if we told them we were lost, so we went over and knocked on the door.
     The man that answered the door was kind of moody as if he didn’t like the sight of a group of 10-year-old bothering him. Once we told him what we were going through he said he was glad to help. He asked for one of our parent’s phone numbers and I gave him our house phone’s number. He laughed and told my dad his address so that he could come and pick us up. When my dad got there we all piled into the truck, almost instantly my dad started to scold me for leaving and going too far away from the house. Later that night when I was getting ready for bed my parents told me I was grounded.
     Yeah, I got grounded, but it had been a crazy adventure that night, and it was also probably the most memorable halloween of my life.

By Jenevieve S.

     This year on Halloween I didn’t dress up as anything, this was also the first year that I didn’t go trick or treating. Instead my cousin and I drove around and went to book stores and haunted houses. We went to the mall for about five minutes to go into Spencer’s so my cousin could buy jewelry. When we got back to my house we were hungry so we went to Taco Bell, Walmart so we could get chocolate and pretzels, and the dollar store.
     My cousin made chocolate covered pretzels when we got home and we watched scary movies on Netflix for a few hours until we went to sleep. For some reason I also remember my cousin’s stomach growling before we went to sleep and she said it sounded like Mt. Everest. When we woke up in the morning I asked her what she meant and she told me she couldn’t remember the word ‘avalanche’ so she said that instead.
     Every year leading up to this one I would go out with a friend and we would trick or treat for a few hours, then I would go home and trade candy with my brother. My favorite costumes of mine were Alice from Alice In Wonderland when I was 9. My favorite candy on Halloween is candy corn and since we didn’t go trick or treating this year my cousin and I went to the store and bought the candy we could have gotten.

By Natalie D.

     On Halloween, I don’t dress up. I don’t like to, even though my mom and brother tease me about it. We stopped trick or treating last year and I only went with family. We would trick or treat in a neighborhood by us, and it was fun.
     A lot of years have been memorable, but last year gets the prize for most memorable. My mom and brother forced me to go out and then complained when I refused to wear a costume. I just wanted to get candy, but they said they wouldn’t let me if I didn’t at least wear something. So I grabbed a broom and we set out.
     As we walked people kept asking me what I was and I never knew what to say. Some people would give me ideas like witch or janitor. After a while, the best idea popped into my head. I was a ninja witch warrior, who was also a part-time janitor. When I would tell people this, they would laugh really hard and it never failed to make me smile. It still makes me smile and my mom still makes fun of me for it. My ninja witch warrior, who is also a part-time janitor costume is the best costume I had ever “worn,” and all it was was a broom.
     The only reason I trick or treated was for the treats. My favorite candy is probably Twix, but a close second is Tootsie Pops. My brother gave up the whole trick or treating thing as well, so my mom just gets us a bag of candy the day after Halloween and we have to share it.

  1. tasteach says:

    Great personal stories of Halloween, Damian, Jenevieve and Natalie.

    Damian: Love the getting lost but I was thinking a dark house, maybe the person was going to open the door to scare you.
    Jenevieve: We don’t celebrate Halloween very much here in Australia but I do have candy or lollies at home to give out to children who come trick or treating. They usually have their parents close by.
    Natalie: Sometimes less is best – great ot get ideas from others and combine it into one.

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