Edublogs Challenge – Unique Foods

Posted: November 5, 2015 in Edublogs Challenge

Mr. Davis’ Note: CCJH J2 students are again participating in the Edublogs Challenge. The Week 5 activity is about food and how it is different in different cultures around the world. This post contains a sampling from students in the class.

By Michael P

     America is a huge melting pot full of all sorts of cultures and individuals which bring home very unique and creative foods to try. One of the foods I’ll be focusing on is the Philly Cheese Steak. Made in Philadelphia by Pat and Harry Olivieri and later they started selling them at their hotdog stand south Philadelphia . Later these sandwiches would be known all across the country and they even have a name for the posture you have to adopt without getting grease all over your clothes “ the Philadelphian Lean.” The sandwich itself is cooked by chopping beef and then grilling the beef in grease, then you get the extra flavor from onions and cheese, all to be laid into a locally made Amorose bun.
     A food more close to home for me is when me and my family make is a steak sandwich with bacon stuffed inside and fries in there too. This creation was made when my dad came from England all the way to America. He lived in Los Angeles and was amazed at all the food the that we Americans make. He then got a steak sandwich and proceeded to shove bacon into it while putting french fries inside of it and filling it with barbecue sauce and ketchup. The cooking for the sandwich is pretty easy. Just get bacon, potatoes, and steak from your local store. Cook the steak until it’s very juicy and succulent and then put the steak into a bun, then proceed to stuff french fries and the bacon you made before. Once you’re all done, put ketchup or barbecue sauce inside and you’re all done.
     There’s a strange food that I’ve always wanted to talk about. It’s called the Balut and it is literally a developing duck embryo. The Balut originated in the Philippines as street food. It’s sold all over the streets and is very common food. The egg is boiled and placed into a bowl with vinegar and hot sauce in the bowl and it is served with beer. This food is considered to be good luck to pregnant women and shows that they will have long lives. To me, as an outsider this food is very taboo and disgusting mostly because it just doesn’t seem right to eat it, but then again people of their culture might look at American food and declare that’s taboo for them. This all shows that the difference between two cultures that are this far away.

By Chelsey M.

     Frito pies are unique to Americans and most Americans make it maybe for special occasions as in fourth of july, or maybe just make it, because they like the taste of it. A frito pie is frito chips spicy cheese and usually onions but you could put anything on your frito pie that you’d like. It could be good for occasions, picnics, maybe if you’re just hungry and if you like it enough for dinner or lunch. Our favorite way of eating frito pies is whenever you feel like it! It goes good with anything well maybe not anything, but just about everything so feel free to try it! Frito pies must be weird to other people but not to us americans who’ve tried it.
     A special kind of food and snack my family eats is seaweed it’s just me, dad, sister, and brother who eat seaweed no one else. Everyone else on my dad’s side of the family thought it was disgusting! A lot of people at school and my dad and sisters work think it is gross when in reality it is very tasty! Seaweed has that crunch. Seaweed also helps your skin by the oils they cook the seaweed with. Seaweed comes in all sorts of different flavors comes in sesame, hot chilli, original and forgot one more but that’s okay. My family’s favorite type of seaweed to eat is sesame kind it gives you the rich taste of goodness seafood. But seaweed is not for every.
     Chinese frog legs are usually something Americans won’t eat because they are frog legs and who wants to eat frog legs! Frog legs are delicacies of French and Chinese cuisine. They Frog legs are rich in protein, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin A, and potassium. Frog legs are edible everywhere around the world. The taste and texture of frog legs is like meat but approximately between chicken and fish. Cooking can cause fresh frog legs to twitch when heating them up and taking them out of the microwave, boiling water or whatever you’re cooking the frog legs. The frogs you usually eat are bullfrogs and leopard frogs. Frog legs are known in the countries of France and Asia. They’re usually treats more than dinner or lunch.

By Chris M.

     Here in the Southwestern part of America, we sometimes eat Tacos. A taco is a traditional Mexican dish composed of a corn or wheat tortilla folded or rolled around a filling. The generally accepted recipe is a “wheat or corn tortilla that is uncooked and folded around the filling”, with the filling consisting of ground beef, lettuce, cheese, with options including sour cream and chopped tomato bits. Sometimes the taco is salted or peppered, and sometimes in certain recipes, ingredients are removed or extras of ingredients are put in to add flavor or remove flavor. An alternate version is called a Fish Taco, where you remove the ground beef and cheese and replace them with fish meat, on which limes are squeezed. Another version is called the Chili Taco, in which all filling is removed and replaced with chili and beans, and either ingredient can be flavored in any way.
thal to eat if not prepared carefully, as pufferfish contain tetrodotoxin, which is deadly even in small doses.
     Fugu has become one of the most celebrated and notorious dishes in Japanese cuisine. The inhabitants of Japan have eaten fugu for centuries. Strict fishing regulations are now in place to protect fugu populations from depletion. Most fugu are now harvested in the spring during the spawning season and then farmed in floating cages in the Pacific Ocean. ” To make this dish commercially, say, in a restaurant, you must have a very specific license to prepare the Fugu. Preparation includes removing the toxin and making sure that the meat is not contaminated. A full course Fugu meal (usually around eight servings) can cost around $100 – $200, or 10,000 yen – 20,000 yen.

  1. tasteach says:

    G’day Cougar reporters,
    Michael: Not sure I would want to eat balut either, an egg where there is actually a duck developing doesn’t sound right to me either.
    Chelsea: I love seaweed when wrapped around rice in sushi type rolls. Not sure I would eat it just like chips.
    Chris: Just the chance that some toxin might still be in fugu or pufferfish means I certainly would not eat it.

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